Forklift Maintenance Tips

forklift maintenance

Forklifts are no different to any other vehicle really as they too need regular maintenance and lots of TLC. It comes as no surprise that just as other vehicles need regular maintenance and repair so do forklifts especially as they get older or are used regularly. They will get wear and tear there is no…

Top Forklift Safety Tips

forklift safety tips

As you gain more and more experience at driving a forklift it soon becomes second nature to you. There are many functions and duties that are associated with operating a forklift but there are some main responsibilities that should be considered at all time when driving a forklift. Each of these should be priority. Remember…

Tips for Buying Second Hand forklifts

second hand forklifts

If you are planning on buying a second hand forklift then there are many points to consider first. The points to consider include the usage that will be expected from it, how long you plan to use it for (lifespan) and also the type of role that it will be carrying out. There are many…

How much do forklift courses cost?

How much do forklift courses cost

Well there are a few answers to this question and I hope to be able to answer them for you. It has been said that one of the best times you can learn to drive a forklift is when you are in the unfortunate position of being out of work. You will have the opportunity…

How much do forklift drivers earn?

How much do forklift drivers earn?

Well the starting salary for a forklift operator is between £12,000 and £15,000 per year. The more experienced you are at your job will see your salary soar, the more experienced operators can expect to be earning between £16,000 and £21,000 a year. Of course there is the option of overtime which will see your…

Forklift Training FAQ’s

forklift faqs

What’s the minimum age for operating a forklift truck in the UK The minimum age for operating a forklift truck in the UK is somewhat vague. The Health and Safety Commission approved code of practice and guidance states that “children under a minimum school leaving age should never operate lift trucks”. However, guidance goes on…

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